Jack Dwyer & Tim Connell, Twin Mandolins


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Tim Connell and Jack DwyerMad Professors of the Mandolin

Hypnotic, Trans-Global Ear Candy for Two Mandolins

Portland-based mandolinists and Lewis and Clark College music professors Jack Dwyer and Tim Connell come together to produce a show of lively acoustic groove music drawn from global folk traditions. Their two mandolins become one as they create a stunning soundscape of harmony and counterpoint.

Both Dwyer and Connell are celebrated modern m

asters of the mandolin, virtuoso players and highly energetic performers who delight the audience with their well-honed arrangements and flights of solo and ensemble improvisation.  Performing hypnotic mandolin duets from dance music traditions around the world, Jack and Tim take us on a dizzying tour from Ireland to Brazil, from Zimbabwe to Greece, deep into Appalachian Mountain country, before landing feet-first in an Eastern European Jewish shtetl.

Their freshly-released debut album (Mandolin Planet, 2013) is an ode to acoustic folk music, rhythm, and the mandolin. Intimate, raw and energetic, the songs on this release simultaneously honor and push the boundaries of traditional music. But beneath it all is a steady unshakable groove that will have you stomping your feet all the way home.

Advance Praise for Mandolin Planet:

“Jack Dwyer and Tim Connell have accomplished something special with this mandolin duo recording. They’ve made a studio recording that sounds like a live performance, where every tune is delivered with spontaneity, drive, passion, and obvious joy.  Dwyer and Connell effortlessly trade the lead back and forth between their mandolins as if they are finishing each other’s thoughts, in much the same way as the great Louvin Brothers did with their singing. The mix of tunes, including Celtic, African, Jewish, Brazilian, and even an original song by Dwyer, are a reflection of the varied backgrounds and interests of these two up-and-coming mandolinists, but above all, this recording is a love letter to the acoustic music traditions of the world. You can’t ask for a better album than this.” –Hermon Joyner, Mandolin Magazine

“The mandolin has seen a burst of creativity and wonderful new ideas these past 5 -10 years.  It’s like our little instrument is having it’s own (not so quiet) Renaissance while the world spins out of control towards the next “app” and folks rush about trying to find solace. Let this quiet meek instrument show us a way, right?  Tim and Jack have gathered their handsome talents, creative energy and wide musical tastes and honed it all into a collection of clear and concise gems in these mando duets. Whether they are playing an Irish Jig, a Brazilian Choro or improvising freely on one of their original tunes, the music always has focus and authenticity, never pushing their instruments too far or trying to be bigger than life. Just letting the instruments speak for themselves through these fine musicians. Groove meets melody, harmony and energy. What else is music?” –Mike Marshall, Wuppertal, Germany

“Tim and Jack have put together an extraordinary collection of music with everything a listener can ask for: a wide variety of musical genres the blend together seamlessly, clever arrangements, spectacular playing, and tone and taste in spades. This is how mandolins should be played!  It’s a terrific recording that should do well.” –Scott Tichenor, Mandolin Cafe

About Jack and Tim:

Tim and Jack have performed on stage at the Wintergrass Bluegrass festival, the Alaska City Arts Folk Festival in Anchorage and at David Grisman and Mike Marshall’s Mandolin Symposium in Santa Cruz.

Jack has recently cut a wide swath up and down the West coast, touring with bluegrass quintet the Blackberry Bushes. Tim is also known to audiences from his work with Mike Marshall and Radim Zenkl in the Ger Mandolin Orchestra and from his performances with Brazilian choro group Rio Con Brio and Santa Cruz Guitars Signature Artist, Eric Skye.

Both artists are currently on the Music faculty at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon, teaching mandolin.



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