Sweet William’s Ghost with Kirk Reese


    Events begin promptly at the posted time - doors open half an hour beforehand, so come early to have your choice of seats.

Tickets: $8 advance, $10 at the door

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Sweet William's GhostSweet William’s Ghost is a musical project based out of Portland, Oregon. At its core are the roots-based songwriting of Dean Gorman (The Tumblers) and the haunting harmonies/musical arrangements of Ali Ippolito (When the Broken Bow). Since then, several other musicians have joined the fold to help fill out the once sparse soundscape.

What started as a one-off recording project for some unrecorded demos eventually spawned three albums of original material: Sweet William’s Ghost (2008), Hills Turning Green (2010), and Short Way Home (2012). The later, being released this December on limited-edition vinyl, features members of The Tumblers, Wayward Vessel, Melville, and Kinder Bison.


Kirk Reese

Kirk Reese was born on a farm in rural Iowa surrounded by five brothers and a house full of love and music. The son of a farmer and no stranger to hard work these early years became the foundation of many of Kirk’s songs. While in college Kirk began writing songs inspired by his childhood and life experience, influenced by the likes of Townes van Zandt and John Prine among others.

He also started playing his first open mics and playing guitar in his first bluegrass band. Kirk moved to Seattle in 2000 and continued writing songs and playing open mics around town, also playing mandolin and guitar in several bluegrass bands. Kirk is currently recording his first solo album due out in 2013. He is also the father of a new baby girl who continues to inspire him every day.

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