López y Amigos presentan Flamenco Nuestro: Concert & Live Webcast


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However, you can still tune in live to watch our webcast — click here to learn more.

LÓPEZ Y AMIGOS presentan Flamenco Nuestro

Flamenco Nuestro (Our Flamenco) is a musical presentation by Seattle’s newest flamenco project, López y Amigos.  Led by guitarist Gustavo Alonso López, López y Amigos started performing in early 2012.  WebcastThe group is rooted in traditional flamenco, and incorporates elements of jazz, classical, folk, and original composition.  Comprised of a diverse, varying selection of musicians and dancers, their sound is unique within Seattle’s local music scene.  For this concert at Empty Sea Studios, the group will include Gustavo on guitar, Erin Lau on vocals, David Carmona on percussion, and Nathan Seder on saxophone.  See below for individual artist profiles.

Gustavo Alonso López – Guitar

Gustavo’s fascination with music and the guitar began early, and at the age of 19 he picked up the instrument in earnest. Initially starting on electric guitar, he’s been dedicated to flamenco for many years. His initial curiosity towards flamenco quickly became a full-fledged obsession. Although primarily self-taught, he has refined his playing with Calvin Hazen, Ricardo Diaz, Ethan Margolis, Marcos Carmona, and Eric Jaeger.  His musical influences include Paco de Lucía, Tomatito, Pepe Habichuela, Manolo Sanlúcar, and Moraíto Chico.  Gustavo also performs with La Peña Flamenca de Seattle, under the direction of Rubina Carmona.

In addition to his love of flamenco, Gustavo is a fan of jazz, classical, rock, and various forms of world music, and enjoys playing with artists from these different traditions. Born into a Salvadoran-American family, he was raised in Twin Falls, Idaho, and has resided in Seattle since 2007. He has also lived in Las Vegas, NV; Turin, Italy; St. Louis, MO; Buenos Aires, Argentina; and Barcelona, Spain.

Lopez y Amigos

Erin Lau – Voice

Erin Lau is a singer whose background is diverse and unique.  She has studied with several teachers in Spain and the United States, including Jesus Montoya, Rubina Carmona, and Stephanie Pedraza, amongst others.  She has performed with various groups and artists, including Barrio Flamenco and La Peña Flamenca de Seattle.  In addition to Spanish flamenco, Erin has delved into the music of India, studying and performing Hindustani vocals, a classical form from northern India.  Her Hindustani instructors include Prabha Devi Prasad, in Seattle, and Dhani Ram, in Varanasi, India.

In 2010 and 2011, Erin composed and recorded an original album entitled The Graciela Project: Mujer De La Luna.  This unique, personal album draws on her various interests and influences, and was funded in part by Kickstarter and a grant from 4-Culture, a Seattle-based arts organization.

David Carmona – Percussion

David Carmona is a renowned flamenco percussionist and has performed professionally in the Seattle area for over ten years. He is the son of Marcos and Rubina Carmona and is a permanent member of Carmona Flamenco, one of North America’s principal flamenco companies. He brings a lifetime of performance experience and enthusiasm, and maintains a multi-genre stylistic awareness. David’s principal instruments are the drum set and the cajón.

Some of David’s local performance highlights include the following: McCall Hall Grand Opening Ceremony, Seattle International Children’s Festival, Northwest Folklife Festival, Kirkland Performance Center, The Triple Door, Hempfest, and numerous engagements at Neumos, Nectar, The Tractor Tavern, The Crocodile, and The Columbia City Theater. David also performed at the Royale (formerly the Roxy) in Boston with eminent rap MC Elemental Zazen and was a featured flamenco cajón instructor during Vancouver, B.C.’s International Dance Festival.

Nathan Seder – Saxophone

Nathan started playing music at the age of five, and has studied piano and guitar in addition to the saxophone. In 2008, he graduated from Bard College, in New York State. At Bard he earned a Bachelor of Arts with a major in jazz performance and composition, and studied with Erica Lindsay, John Esposito, Bruce Williams, and Thurman Barker. He has performed in a variety of genres, including jazz, classical, flamenco, gospel, funk, and rock. Nathan draws inspiration from the works of John Coltrane, Wayne Shorter, Eric Dolphy, and McCoy Tyner, amongst others.

In addition to being a versatile performer, Nathan is also a gifted composer. Most recently, he produced and recorded an impressive, 45-minute composition for modern dance. The score was created in close collaboration with local dancer and choreographer Victoria Jacobs, of the Sapience Dance Collective. This show, entitled While We Are Human, includes both pre-recorded and live music, and was performed in June and July of 2012 in Seattle.









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