Deepak Ram Quintet: Concert & Live Webcast


    Events begin promptly at the posted time - doors open half an hour beforehand, so come early to have your choice of seats.

WebcastTickets:$20 advance, $25 at the door

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The Deepak Ram Quintet creates a unique dialect of composition and improvisation with original music of Deepak Ram and works of John Coltrane for bansuri, conga, guitar, tabla & bass.

Deepak Ram (bansuri, flute):

Deepak Ram is a delightful and captivating performer, combining technical mastery with personal charm. He has performed in the U. S. , South Africa, India, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Deepak Ram QuintetAustria, Germany, Lebanon, Turkey and Holland and had the honor of accompanying his teacher, maestro Hariprasad Chaurasia, in Geneva, London and Paris.

Ravi Albright (tabla percussion):

Born in Seattle, Ravi Joseph Albright has been a student of North Indian classical tabla drumming in both India and the U.S. since the age of 14. He is a “ganda-banda” or formally recognized disciple of Pandit Anindo Chatterjee of Kolkata, India.  In 2006 he was initiated into the Farukhabad Gharana, on of India’s traditional schools of tabla playing. His status was consecrated at a formal ceremony call a “puja”, in which the guru (revered instructor) ties a thread around the wrist of the shishya (student) to signify the bond between them and the commitment of the shishya to the art form.

Tor Dietrichson (Conga, Percussion):

A native of Seattle,Tor Dietrichson is a talented and eclectic musician known as a world-class percussionist and an accomplished composer, singer and songwriter. Tor’s music crosses several genres including Latin and Brazilian Jazz, Salsa, American Blues, Soulful African, East Indian Ragas and Rock and Roll. He has been a grant recipient of the Washington State Arts Commission and has received the prestigious Min-On Art Award from Daisaku Ikeda, leader of Soka Gakkai International.
Starting on conga drums at 16, he moved from Seattle to the Bay Area at 18 to study tabla with Zakir Hussain, becoming the youngest member of the legendary Diga Rhythm Band along with Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart. He also recorded and performed with The Grateful Dead, played in numerous Latin ensembles, including one with Karl Perazzo and Rebecca Mauleon. Tor directed his own Latin-Jazz/Salsa group The Underdogs, which featured legendary pianist Carlos Federico, saxophonist Martin Fierro and guitarist Steve Kimock.

Leif Totusek (guitar):

Leif Totusek is an American born guitarist, band-leader and composer. A major player on the scene in London, Seattle, & Boston, who has performed, collaborated, and been special guest with African Artist Mose Fan Fan, Ali Birra, Geoffrey Oryema, Diblo Dibala, Orchestra Virunga, Tabu Ley Rochereau and many other important muscians. He is also well versed in the be-bop idiom, and many other musical styles and cultural music.

Dennis Staskowski (Bass):

Dennis came to Seattle by way of Detroit and L.A. around 1990. He has since performed, recorded, and toured with numerous Northwest groups, covering a wide range of styles from classical to progressive/alternative rock. He received a degree in instrumental performance from the University of Washington, graduating with top honors in 1995. Dennis has recently performed and recorded several new works by contemporary composers Byron Au Yong and Sumiko Sato, as well as the contemporary improvisational group bass/hornz . He has also performed and recorded with many other Northwest-based jazz, rock, world music, and other diverse groups, including the Seattle Creative Music Orchestra, One Hand Clapping, Animal Dreams, and Opera Jupiter.

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