Gustavo Alonso Lopez + Special Guests

Tickets: $25 advance, $30 at the door.

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Note: We will be presenting two back-to-back concerts which are ticketed individually:
7PM Show (6.30 Doors)
9PM Show (8.30 Doors)
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Returning to Empty Sea for the first time since recording Punto Lejano, Gustavo and his group present traditional flamenco singing alongside original arrangements .  It is rare to see shows outside of Spain that focus on flamenco singing (properly known as cante jondo).  It is the dance that usually takes center stage.  This concert aims to share the depth, complexity, and beauty of flamenco cante together with the sounds of guitar, trumpet, and percussion.

Gustavo is a flamenco guitarist based in Seattle, Washington. His music is grounded in traditional flamenco and incorporates elements of jazz, classical, and world music. In addition to leading his own performance groups, he also performs in numerous other group settings, and works on select recording projects.In spring of 2014, Gustavo independently recorded Punto Lejano, his first full-length studio album, at Empty Sea Studios in Seattle. This album is Gustavos strongest and most ambitious musical work to-date. It was performed by a 6-piece, instrumental ensemble and consists of four long-form, through-composed pieces. The project is ongoing and new iterations are in development.


Stephanie Pedraza is a unique combination of singer, songwriter, flamenco dancer, and cantaora (traditional flamenco singer) based in Vancouver, B.C. Born into a Latin American family and having moved to Colombia at an early age, she has been constantly immersed in her Latin roots of song and dance. At 19 she fell in love with flamenco, and has dedicated her life to mastering the art. In 2003, she moved to Andalucía, Spain, after a four-year intensive training period at Vancouver’s Centro Flamenco with Rosario Ancer.

Stephanie is one of the most in-demand singers in the Pacific Northwest. Over the past decade, she has toured extensively and taught throughout Canada and internationally in Mexico, Spain, Colombia, Guatemala, and the United States. Her most recent tour in South America included opening for legendary singer Ana Gabriel at the Estadio Pascual Guerrero to an audience of 25,000 people.

We are broadcasting this show live on the Roots Channel, click here to learn more

Dr. Brian Chin is an Associate Professor of Music at Seattle Pacific University. He is the Founder and Artistic Director of Common Tone Arts, a non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring positive change for our diverse world through arts education and music. As an international trumpet soloist with the Yamaha Corporation and advocate for new music, Brian has commissioned and premiered many works for trumpet and is the creator of the Universal Language Project, a concert series creating new music and multi-arts programs. Brian is also an executive leader with the UNITY Arts Alliance, a national collective of non-profit organizations dedicated to social justice and to demonstrating an alternative model for working artists. His two solo recordings, entitled Universal Language and Eventide, are available on Origin Classical.


David Levin is a renowned flamenco percussionist and has performed professionally in the Seattle area for over ten years. He is the son of Marcos and Rubina Carmona and is a permanent member of Carmona Flamenco, one of North Americas principal flamenco companies. His skills extend beyond flamenco through a variety of genres, and he brings a lifetime of performance experience and enthusiasm. Davids principal instruments are the drum set and the cajón.


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