About Our Concerts

We promise — you’ve never been to a show like this.

Imagine hearing world-class acoustic musicians perform just a few feet away from you. Imagine no espresso machine steaming away, no loud conversations at the bar drowning out the details — just dead silence, the artist, and the music.

That’s the experience you get at a listening room. And five to ten times a month, that’s what we do at Empty Sea.

Empty Sea is an all-ages, family friendly listening environment.  We were originally alcohol-free but have since been granted a Snack Bar license to serve bottled beer along with our large assortment of non-alcoholic drinks and snacks.  However, the studio is definitely not a bar environment!

What to expect at a concert:

Empty Sea shows aren’t quite like shows at bars, coffeeshops, or private homes.  Here’s what to expect:

  • Shows start at the posted time – that is,  for an 8.00 show, the artist or opening act will be performing by 8.05 or so.  If you arrive late, expect some dirty looks as the only way into the venue is directly through everyone’s line of sight!
  • The venue is small and sells out easily. We always recommend purchasing advance tickets if you intend to come to a show.  Tickets remain on sale until an hour before showtime, so availability even early on the day of a concert doesn’t mean that there will still be tickets left by showtime.
  • Come ready to listen. The quiet, pin-drop environment of Empty Sea makes for an amazing listening experience, but can be hard for children and other folks who need to make noise!  Bear this in mind.
  • There are snacks! We have an assortment of local and national craft beers, soft drinks including Mexican Coke, ginger beer, Frappucinos, the San Pellegrino Aranciata and Limonata, and some other odds and ends.  Plus more chocolate truffles than you can shake a stick at.