“Michael speaks the language of music and recording in a way that many simply cannot. This makes for incredibly productive tracking and recording sessions. He is a patient, magnificently talented musician, producer and engineer who can play and work within any genre. His energy and his focus are amazing. I walked into Empty Sea with an idea, and Michael turned it into the CD I’ve always wanted to make.”

Joe McKinstry

Recording your project at Empty Sea

If you have an acoustic-based project of some sort, we’d love to talk with you about recording at Empty Sea!  With owner Michael Connolly’s more than 16 years of recording acoustic music, we’re happy to add a professional touch to your recording project.  Please email Michael at with a description of your project for more information.

You can learn a little more about the crew and their backgrounds by clicking here.


Most recording projects can be broken down into one of a few categories:

Traditional “Studio” Recording

This is how we think of a recording studio operating!  One or more musicians lock themselves in the studio with an engineer / producer, and together, bit by bit, they make a record.  Click here for more information and rates for studio-type recording.

Live Concert Recording

Since Empty Sea is a beautiful small concert venue as well as a recording studio, it’s the perfect place to create a live album.  Here, the tracking process is completed in a single evening – plus, the audience helps to capture the unique energy of a live performance.  Click here to learn more about our live recording packages.


Got material recorded somewhere else that you’d like to have mixed on a real SSL analog console by an engineer who knows and loves the genre you play?  We’re always happy to take a listen and let you know if we can help polish the sound of your project.


I make equipment selections specifically for use in recording acoustic music: Low noise, transparency, and ‘realism’ are important selection criteria.  Please email Michael at for a full gear list.


Rate information, a full gear list and all other info is available via email at  Let’s start the conversation and see if we’re a good fit for each other.