Staff Audio Engineer

After seven years and more than 80 recording projects, Empty Sea is ready to take on another staff engineer. Owner and principal engineer Michael Connolly could use another hand at the console at times, with tasks ranging from mixing live sound for front-of-house and our webcast series to setting up and tearing down sessions.

The right candidate can:

  • Coil a cable or move a microphone without blinking an eye.
  • edit high-track-count acoustic projects patiently, thoroughly, and musically.
  • double-check all production work to ensure our quality standards.
  • Mix a studio project, live show, or sound for video at a professional level.

To break this down a little further, the staff engineer will perform the following functions:

Recording Sessions

  • Set up and tear down equipment for recording sessions.
  • Assist artists and studio staff during sessions
  • Track, edit and mix internal and client projects.
  • Assist in gear maintenance, organization and cleaning

Live Shows

  • Set up and tear down equipment for live concerts at Empty Sea.
  • Mix front-of-house and/or webcast audio for live concerts.
  • Assist artists and studio staff as needed.

Necessary qualifications:

  • An intimate working knowledge of live sound and the recording process. Formal education in audio engineering is a plus, but past experience is absolutely necessary. Your resume and cover letter should describe the types of roles you have held in the past, whether self-directed or as part of an organization.
  • Expert user in at least one DAW (Pro Tools, Logic, Digital Performer.)
  • A professional and courteous attitude in dealing with clients, artists and the general public.
  • Punctual and self-motivated with excellent follow-through.
  • A detail-oriented, methodical mindset is a huge plus.
  • You must be an expert in “learning new things” quickly and effectively – note-takers and question-askers are highly encouraged to apply.
  • You should have an excellent working knowledge of common acoustic instrument micing techniques, audio troubleshooting in live and studio environments, and ways to work around difficult situations- both technically and interpersonally.
  • You must be able to make and honor calendar commitments scheduled several weeks in advance.

The following are major pluses:

  • Familiarity with tape-based recording.
  • Experience with Digital Performer.
  • Familiarity with analog consoles and mixing “out of the box.”
  • Playing one or more instruments in an acoustic genre.

Hours: Live sound shifts are scheduled several weeks in advance, typically weekend evening hours.  Recording sessions usually occur during daytime hours and are also scheduled with a fair bit of notice.  Editing, mixing and other offline tasks can be scheduled with some flexibility, but you must be able to meet your schedule commitments.


Hourly wage depending on your experience.


Please send resumes and cover letters to Michael Connolly - – with the subject line “Staff Engineer Position.” Please do not call.