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Recording at Empty Sea

After 10 years in Seattle's Phinney Ridge neighborhood, Empty Sea has picked up and moved - to a little farm just outside of Bellingham, WA.  We have built out a beautiful recording space in a peaceful environment, and are ready to share it with you!

We're Ready for Your Project

The beauty of working in a professional studio is having the technical details taken care of – and that's what we strive for. With multiple isolation rooms, a generously sized main tracking room with vaulted ceilings and acoustic treatment, zero-latency headphone mixes customized for each artist, and a large collection of high-end microphones from Neumann, Coles, Gefell, Earthworks and others, recording at Empty Sea is a wonderful combination of low drama and high quality results.

Your Engineers are Musicians

As a lifelong multi-instrumentalist, Michael Thomas Connolly has played in a wide variety of genres and situations on a number of instruments, from playing clarinet and mandolin as a symphony member, to playing Hammond organ and Rhodes piano in rock bands, to playing accordion and violin on tour with the Indigo Girls.  Michael has taught private lessons on several instruments for a number of years, and prides himself on communicating clearly and constructively. He brings this experience to the table on every project, offering as much or as little coaching as you desire to help bring your project to its best possible endpoint.

Staff engineer Jeremy Wesley is a bluegrass musician, multi-instrumentalist, and Grammy award-winning audiobook engineer.  His attention to detail and impeccable ears bring the most to any project you bring to the table.

Work in Analog and/or Digital

These days, the speed and convenience of digital recording makes it the standard for recording projects.  We offer it too, with digital recording up to 24 bit, 96 kHz rates and a variety of plugins for mixing “in the box.”  However, if you’ve never mixed a song on an analog console, you owe it to yourself to give it a try!  These days, we mix most album projects “outside the box” on our SSL AWS900+ SE analog console, using a combination of software plugins and outboard hardware to yield a spacious, “three-dimensional” mix.  With tube and solid-state outboard gear combined with a large-format analog console, the sound of an analog mix is big, satisfying, and musical.

We also record to analog tape! For a warm, truly “larger than life” sound, nothing beats the sound of a well-maintained analog tape machine.  We can either import your basic tracks into the digital workstation for additional editing, or mix straight through the analog board to your finished product!

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